Replacing a lost fob/badge this weekend?

Is someone going to be around this weekend that can meet me on-site to replace my “+1” fob?

(By “+1”, I’m referring to my membership, which is “me +1” where “+1” is a family member with a non-voting $10 add-on to my account. That family member lost their fob. Mine still works.)

I’ve already disabled the lost fob in Maker Manager, all I need now is a replacement hunk of hardware. I can step through the request form myself.

Also, above-mentioned family member has already signed the liability waiver, for those that might bring it up. :slight_smile:


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There should be fobs in a box in the middle of common room. You can take one for that purpose


What Jim said. It’s a really pretty wood box on the table with all the computers.

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Oh, awesome, thanks!

(even easier than I thought)

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you can use the maker manager interface to add / remove RFIDs on your own. the rfid number is printed on the new fob itself.

also, has anyone successfully strengthened the key chain fobs? they break a lot easier than i’d like and i’ve been brainstorming some way to make them attach stronger.

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