Renewed Membership

Hello !

My membership at DMS was canceled for a bit, but I was just able to renew it. I lost my key to enter the building, so would anyone be available tomorrow afternoon to let me into the building?

I plan on working on the throwing wheels. Are bats provided at DMS, or would I need to bring my own?

Thank you so much to anyone that took the time to read this ! :slight_smile:

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Bats are available on a first come first served basis so if there is a particular size you need, then having your own can be handy. But for 98% of the time, you can get what you need.

Weekends tend to be decently populated, I’d try knocking (loudly) on the back door next to ceramics and someone is likely to snag you. Also the front door has a doorbell but that’ll only work if someone happens to be in the common room. If your timing matches up, I will be up at the space 1-3pm and you can text me (I’ll send you my ph number) if no one answers.

One last thought: If you still have your old fob, you can reactivate it on your account from home and then you are good to go.


thank you so much !!