Removing A Screw From A Tricky Spot HELP!

Howdy Folks,

I am replacing a part in my jeep that requires me to get to a screw that is very hard to reach. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could gain access to this? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

It looks like a torx screw and I would suggest a hand driver and not a socket. If I was using “my” personal tools, I would use pliers to grip the driver handle for extra torque but I wouldn’t recommend doing this with shop tools since it can damage the driver handle.

Is there a clip on the right hand side so you can remove the bar passing through? looks like there’s a rubber sleeve over the bar that can be removed so the thing can be partially disassembled.


Is that a locking clip of some sort? Perhaps you can remove the pin to the hinge.

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Late to this party,

If it were me - I’d use an air impact gun in reverse and a medium length 3/8 drive torx drive tool(that is in good condition(not one that is in poor condition) & that fits the fastener correctly - correctly means snug not sloppy.
The sudden jolt of the “impact” gun with the correct tool in the fastener will loosen the stubborn threads.

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Thanks to everyone for your help! I own an old Jeep and this is the best way to remove torx head bolts , the end comes off and you can put a 3/8 driver on it. point two buy a very high quality torx socket , I have had good luck with Kobalt , Husky, Craftsman and would even consider snap on if the right size was available. a cheep Torx is worse than using an Allen wrench they twist and brake and the splines are dull. The hammer driven impact has an advantage over the air impact in that it is driven into the whole with as much force as it is turned. The air impact will clean out the Torx bolt so fast you will be amazed. Good luck.

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