Reminder: woodshop cleanup Tuesday 6/21 at 6:30p

Shop will be closed, but come help! Felder clean out and more to do.



The Woodshop will be closed - but if you show up there’s plenty of work that can be done.

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I unfortunately missed the cleanup due to not checking the calendar often enough. I have a couple of summer projects planned and I’d like to help out in the woodshop where I can. Are there any leftover tasks I can help with?

Sure. One of the task we didn’t get to was a woodshop tool roundup. Walk through the rest of the space and hunt down any woodshop tools that have migrated. Things like our quick clamps, squares, measuring tapes, etc like to wander off into creative arts, electronics, machine shop and the rest of the space.

Thanks for your help!

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I can definitely do that this weekend. I’ll update once I’ve finished.

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