Reminder: Wide Format Printing SIG Today 6/22 at 1PM

Reminder that the large format printing SIG is meeting today at 1PM

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‘Large Format’…what?

Printer and some characters

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I love complete thoughts in word form. Thank you.

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Updated. All giant things are welcome though.

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Was a new leader chosen?

Me. Wheeeeeeeee… :dizzy_face:


Did you hote to junk the two in storage? Logistics would like to know how to proceed.

Yes, but with interest in them bring taken off site (from both DMS and off-site storage) to allow for salvage of any parts useful for resale. And funds gained from such parts will be returned to DMS for use by the printer SIG.


The board was doing an executive session after the meeting. I think we are safe to move forward with the plan to take them out of DMS inventory especially since its costing money to dither around as long as Shay agrees since heavy emphasis of the meeting was financials.

Also talked to Rich. He already had checked the HP in the bay. Print heads are not compatible. The 24" will reside in the secure Expansion Office for the time being and not available for general member use because of the security thing, but it is the SIGs after they do not need it. Expansion is buying refillable cartridges and their own ink while its drafted into their care so we can adjust our estimate to be 3 cartridge sets, 1 ink pack, the head solution, and initial consumables for the 44" .
He said let him know on the floors and he will bring up the 44" when we are ready (or we can fetch)

Wiki is updated to reflect minutes minus minor editing. I think. My first go at minutes :joy:…our esteemed leader is looking at software to curtail any shrink issues. Next SIG meeting is already scheduled, presumably to discuss implementation.

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In a short search, one of the leading candidates for printer use/tracking looks like this:

The free version here only does logging of who/what/when for printer use. The paid versions add in actual payment methods, etc.


Free is great! Based on what they said about accounts today I think for payments we have to stick with Square anyway because of account routing and reporting? May want to check on that with Tapper

Pretty sure the paid version(s) would work with Square, they seem to work with everything else. Just a matter of how much extra $ for that integration.

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Does the paid version require you pay before the print is even done? Because that would be awesome. If you want, once we have settled on one I am pretty decent at sad puppy emails and I can see about getting a license donated. It worked for Sew Arts and most Freemium programs I’ve needed.

Yes, please take them out of storage asap, even if they have to go on a palette in 102 while we work on them.

Going to recommend putting each meeting’s minutes into its own page.
JSM has a pretty good model to follow, e.g20190611’s
Note header on main page to “Meeting Minutes” (already in place for WFPrint SIG)
and then links to each meeting minutes’ page under it. Using this format, and using the proper templates and tags for the minutes page, will help ensure easier future interactions (e.g. searches) as well as proper indexing (i.e. showing under the “meetings” page, which we have apparently decided needs to contain each and every meetings’ minutes in perpetuity, but that’s another subject…)
Let me know if I can help with that… :+1:


I like this idea as I think it will make it easier to follow and easier to move things over should a SIG become its own committee. I’ll try to remember to mention it to the SIG leaders in the next committee meeting.

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I don’t have administration rights to make a new page but I agree

Not needed.
Here’s how to make a new page:

  1. search for the page you wish to create (or wish to make sure doesn’t already exist)
  2. click on the resulting red “edit” link
  3. put your contents into the edit interface as appropriate
  4. Be sure to include template and category info as appropriate (I prefer to place them @ the top of the field, so they’re easier to get to/change in future if needed, although traditional wiki etiquette places them at the bottom)
  5. Save - optional, but advisable to include comments on the edit
  6. paste link into “main page”
  7. Save main page - optional, but advisable to include comments on the edit
  8. Pop a beer
  9. Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

I’ll try it here in a second thanks