Reminder: Pottery wheel available at all times


This is just a reminder that thanks to the arrival of our brand new wheel, one pottery wheel is reserved at all times for personal use regardless of any throwing classes. In addition, no additional classes will be added to the schedule Thursday evenings from 5:00 p.m. to midnight, Saturday’s from morning to 12:00 p.m., and Sunday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and all wheels will be reserved for personal use during those times.


I’m surprised that you choose Tour Night for an open working night.

I realize that I haven’t been able to make committee meeting due to my current work schedule. Is this in the minutes?

I expect to continue the current Thursday night demo. I’m only taking a sign-up of 4 people, so that will leave a minimum of 2 wheels available. Plus, the current classes have taken up quite a bit of slack, so few people choose the demo nowadays.


The Committee chose this at the last meeting and the link to the meeting minutes was posted in another post. As the Thursday night demo is an event and not a class, there should be no conflict as this does not apply.


I know During the beer n bitch we discussed having less classes on Thursday nights because it causes congestion.


I agree. That’s one reason that the Thursday night event is a demo, and I warn folks (those who read, anyway) that it’s not really a class.


Out of curiosity, are the wheels a training required item? I haven’t turned in almost 2 decades (makes me feel OOOOLD) but was curious if I ever had no other projects lined up whether I could drop a blob of clay and go after it.


Currently the wheels do not require training. Go for it!


The only even slightly funky bit is the clean-up drill. Our clay trap is installed under the sink in the janitor’s closet (in between the Unisex and Women’s bathrooms across from Creative Arts). Big sponges are in the bin in the corner (the only corner Ceramics “owns”) under the glaze racks. Most throwing tools are in the magnetic bins stuck to the big cabinet against the wall, and the rest are scattered around in the overhead bins along that same wall.


Until we have a similarly equipped drain in #102, that is the only sink to be used for cleaning up clay.


And cleaning the wheel off when done, and the floor.


We actually had a centrifuge in our lab that we’d run clay ‘tainted’ water through to get solids out of before it went down the drain… wouldn’t make it clear, but you could definitely tell there was a significant amount of clay pulled out of suspension.

Could be interesting to have something like this in the future.