Reminder: March Ceramics Committee Meeting 3/6/2016


Tonight’s meeting will be held in the Ceramics area in the workshop. See you there to dissuss this month’s topics.


Also, your Kiln came in last night :wink: It is sitting in the dock. If you need help getting it over and unpacked let me know.


I would love some help. Will you be at the space tonight?


I will, expect to be there around 6ish.


Thank you to everyone that attended last night’s meeting. I really appreciate the new and regular faces that are interested and want to take part in Ceramics. We had a very productive discussion and I am definitely motivated to keep making changes to make Ceramics the best committee it can be. I am copying the link to the minutes from last night’s meeting for everyone to see, please note that the items discussed are relevant to everyone using the space. Keep a look out for more posts to come, on Talk as well as in the Ceramics area. Exciting things are coming!

March Committee Meeting Minutes (Scroll all the way to the bottom)


Thanks for the notes @brendamvilla !


Whoops! pull up the old meetings notes, what I get trying to do 5 things at the same time.


That note is from 2017 in the file.


@meanbaby Scroll to the very bottom, thanks.


Thank you I did not realize it was continuous right off, I was like what? Looks like it was a great meeting. I hate I had to work late last minute.

Is Ceramics still on an agenda boycott? it would be great to know when Items are up for vote in advance so I can send my proxy. I can not make it to every meeting for all the committees and sigs that I am involved in.

Thank you
Anita Willis