Reminder: June Ceramics Committee Meeting Tonight 6/5/2019

Just a reminder that the monthly Ceramics Committee Meeting is tonight at 6:30. It was supposed to be in the old Conference Room but since that room is now a part of Creative Arts that will no longer be possible. We will meet in the Ceramics area in the Workshop and we will decide were to go from there. For anyone who is interested in Ceramics and would like to attend, there will be a lot of topics to discuss and many ways to get involved. Hope to see everyone there!


The calendar says you are in the Conference Room off of the new North Lobby.

Also, you have a package waiting for you by the white mail cabinet in the new Common Room. It has been there for awhile.

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Since yesterday or the day before I think. Thank you, I’ll pick it up today.

We will still meet in the Ceramics area in the Workshop since this will be the first time we hold a Committee Meeting in the new Conference Room in 102 and I want to make sure everyone that would like to attend knows how to get there.

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