Red Stoneware for Sale

Hi, I have a full 25 lb bag of unused red stoneware for sale for $11. Free extra 5lb red stoneware bag included. Need sold soon!

Thanks :slight_smile:

If no one else steps up, I can buy this from you. Where are you located?

I’m in Dallas, near UT Dallas. But I don’t mind meeting somewhere in the middle or stopping by the studio if that’s easiest!

Sure, I could drive to the studio to meet you. Do you want to do that today?

Also, is your stoneware with or without grog?

I can meet on Sunday! I’m going to be doing errands all day.

I also do not know about grog! So I can’t say. :sweat_smile:

Ok… what time Sunday? I’ll be in the parking area at the front by the lobby.

I can be there around 2PM. Is that good??

Yes 2pm is fine, sending you a PM