Red flash drive found

Found in back parking lot and placed in box of orphaned flash drives on laser table

For anyone interested, as a best practice I always put a file on the root of my flash drives called OwnerInfo.txt with my contact details in case of lost-n-found situations like this.


Great idea. Just did same with a “reward” of a beer and an identical, brand new thumb drive.

Does that survive FORMAT?


(Normally, I’d use newfs, but a smaller segment would get the joke.)

Hopefully drive is found by a good Samaritan! I suppose one counter strategy is to also have a file called MyBankLoginDetails.exe with a virus in it (not Covid!!!) to wee out the ne’er-do-wells.

Several years ago I was a HIPAA officer for a software development firm. I told the staff to NEVER pick up a thumbdrive and plug it into your machine at work. There are significant risks that it might be infected and worse a deliberate trojan horse to gain personal information.

At DMS these risks are obviously less, but be careful. Run virus software on it before even beginning to open it if you can. I’d even open it on a Linux box if you have one.

A similar experiment was done at the Pentagon where the dropped random drives in the parking lot and over 25% of the people opened it on a DoD machine. People can’t resist a free thumbdrive I guess.