Recommendations for Wood/ Where to Get


It’s been a while since I did the bread board class and I couldn’t quite remember the name of the shop they recommended to buy wood at. If anyone has any other recommendations on where to get wood for a decent price that would also be great, doesn’t need to be the highest of quality- price is more of a concern.

Thanks in advance!

I just got some this past weekend at wood world they had decent prices and also at hardwood lumber I think is the name

Somewhere to start:


Awesome! Thank you both!


From the Suppliers list:
Hardwood is super friendly. They let you look at the wood so you can pick a piece for the desired grain. They often have “drops” - the cutoffs of their 16’ boards left from milling - for a discount. you can pick the pieces you want.

Central is a little less expensive and very friendly. But you are not allowed into the back to choose a piece of wood.

Dakota offers a 10% discount to makerspace members.

These three are significantly less expensive than the woodworking stores Wood World, Rockler, and Woodcraft. Wood World does have a 10% discount for DMS members. Rockler and Woodcraft probably do.

Enjoy your new hobby!


Curious. You’ve found Central to be less expensive than Hardwood? I typically find them to be at least a dollar more per bf. I recently compared some African Mahogany/Maple between Dakota, Hardwood Lumber, and Central and for 4/4 it was $4.30/2.30, $5.00/2.70, and $6.40/3.00 respectively. Was kinda shocked at how much Central was charging considering you can’t even pick out what you want.


Dakota has been the cheapest every time when I call the 3. Even on sheet goods Dakota had them beat. As long as you’re not showing up with the crews in the morning they don’t seem to mind bringing the pallet to you to pick out the boards either.

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Plywood Company in Fort Worth has a surprising amount of hardwoods and their prices are online! A novel concept in the world of wood! You can pick out your boards there too.

Downside: you gotta drive to Fort Worth, but if you happen to live there already then may be worth your while. Their pricing is on par with Dakota.

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Rockler in Frisco gives me 10% discount on non sale items (they started doing this three months ago). Sweeney’s Lumber in fort worth let’s you pick boards, has a good selection and has good pricing.


I had on the ones I priced, like basswood was way way less. Baltic Bitch too.

But your point is well taken. I’ll call and compare more often.

Both often have incredible deals on select items too. As they are 5 min from each other, it’s always worth visiting both to see if anything is on special.

@Jeeves good points too.