Recommendation wanted - VHS to DVD transfer

I and a partner made an instructional video in 1993 on how to make chainmail - all copies of which were lost over the years - but I recently got one back.

I hold the copyright to the work, so there is no C issue to contend with.

To my question - I need a recommendation for a professional transfer service who will carefully transfer my only remaining 26 yr old copy VHS tape to DVD - or attempt to -

I used to be familiar with an outfit called U-Edit video which did such things, but that was over 20 years ago.

Please send me current recommendations.

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Many public libraries have genealogy departments that are equipped with transfer devices. There is little risk of damaging the tape as it just copies digitally as it plays through a VCR. I know for sure that they have it at Denton Public Library.


I know the ambassador to Fort Worth camera. They are running a 20% off special on this right now and respect copyrights. Just put anything in a box and send it to them or drop it off.


I went through this recently with some baby videos we unearthed.

We ended up using a company in Plano called Replicopy.

Tell them you want MP4 format if you want to share the digital files. We made playable DVDs by mistake.


When I had this problem, I just hooked my 6-head VCR up to a $40 Adesa capture USB stick and captured the video directly. Then I color-corrected and denoised it in Adobe Premiere, which we’ve got a copy of at the Makerspace.

A professional place will have better timecoding and signal transfer, but that might not be an issue. You can always try to fix mismatches in Adobe Premiere.

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My security software is throwing warning after warning about the replicopy URL. - FYI

This video may be of interest to you:

Expired SSL certificate. I might call them on Monday and let them know, but it’s been expired for a while so they may not care.

Here’s a link to the non-SSL version.

Looks like the dallas public library has a new heritage lab that you could do it at

Took the trip over to Fort Worth camera and contracted them to do the work. just under $70 for a DVD, and an MP4 file. I await their call for the finished result. Note I haven’t owned a VHS in 4 or 5 years now and don’t intend to get one for this project. The video is between 45 min and an hour. When I get it back, I may do some revisions and additions and submit a new edition for copyright as I did this one in 1993.

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Copyright vests in the creator on the matter’s creation. You don’t submit it anywhere to anyone, unless you plan on litigating it soon.


Unless you want a Registered Copyright vs a regular Copyright. Registering the Copyright provides additional protections in the US and some other countries.

I have the transfer cables you need to do VHS to DVD/digital transfer if anyone needs to use them…u would just need a computer / laptop.

I just called Dallas library; they are gearing up to do that but are not ready yet.

If you don’t submit a copyright registration, you don’t get added to the library of congress… :wink: and you don’t get the approved registration back with a government stamp for you to frame and hang on your wall… Litigation isn’t always a motive… Sometimes it’s just bragging rights…


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