Recent Metal Shop Meeting Issues

Disregarding the 4th of July weekend as an exception, none of the meetings for the past few months have happened at the time the committee has stipulated on the wiki.

If a new time is going to be adopted, it needs to be updated formally for the regular meeting as it’s become “the thing” that members can come to the meeting for training and we list on our wiki page that it starts at noon, not at 3pm.

Furthermore, the online meeting requirement is still in place and the meeting still does not have it added. Trying to last-minute create one has led to repeated issues at each of the last meetings, including the snubbing of those who dial into the meeting.

Lastly, the minutes for July are still missing. Given the gravity of the issues discussed, such as the powder coating oven, minutes are essential.

This is all compounded by the drastic shift to completely-empty calendar events, attempts at keeping discussion on matters important to the membership hidden, and deterring members who do not already know what votes are coming up or important topics of discussion that have been yet again tabled.
Unlike the machine shop where historically such agenda-less meetings were attended by all the most active users and the general user base is much smaller, the metal shop does not have that historical nor demographic advantage to running a committee this way as it disregards the average metal shop users and those who use the metal shop often but are not able to be active committee members.
For comparison, the number of members trained for MIG welding alone is almost double the number of Bridgeport users, and still more than Bridgeport and Clausing users combined. (sourced from AD; no matter how you look at it the Metal Shop has a far larger user base than the Machine Shop)

As a committee member, an instructor, and a heavy metal shop user I am calling on @Team_Metal_Shop to, as a committee, remedy these issues.

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Is that why I keep missing them?

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I didn’t even know we had it listed on our wiki for noon until you said something.

The committee still has not posted minutes for neither the two past monthly meetings, nor the special meeting for a capital purchase.

Agendas continue to not be posted in advance of a meeting, nor meeting information provided in a timely fashion.

Some things one would reasonably be quite confused about, even as an active use of the shop, due to lack of minutes:

  • Why are the transformer TIG, the tubing bender (which is supposed to be locked per condition of the loan by owner), and water buffalo all in the old machine shop area? One word is it’s related to painting, but the walls in metal shop are still blocked by other equipment on wheels and no painting seems to have been prepped thusfar
  • Why does the new grinder table not have power lockout? The lockout provides the training enforcement for the required grinder training. We had a notable problem with abused wheels and machines before that training.
  • Was the vapor hone checked and/or serviced this month?


It appears this also resulted in the original boxes being mounted improperly considering the source of water and were soaked as a result with the vapor hone leak last night. Why were these not relocated?

The committee still has not posted minutes for none of the following meetings:

  • August monthly meeting
  • September monthly meeting
  • Oven special meeting

It should not be this difficult for a heavy user of the shop and an instructor, let alone the average member, to get information on what is going on in the committee.

How many get missed before there’s a danger of dissolving the committee?

AFAIK no danger of dissolution, however they won’t be able to:

  • make purchases of equipment
  • craft rules changes in their area
  • dispose of or move out from their committee notable equipment without having a replacement

It is now September 27th. We are at almost two months now since this thread was opened, and the committee leadership still has not answered to these concerns.

We have not had minutes posted by @Team_Metal_Shop since July 10th. The upcoming meeting will be the 4th meeting since the last posting.

The oven was not able to be purchased at the last board meeting due to lack of meeting minutes or capital expense information from the committee leadership.

This is before other concerns by members that have been brought to my attention such as safety of the grinder table due to the low under table mount of the wire brushes, or the tossing of necessary teaching supplies such as the round tubing for the bender into the scrap bin without consulting the teachers.

Sounds like the committee leadership needs a change.

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I think I have the meeting minutes but do not know how to post them.

I would note that there are only 3 months of meeting minutes posted in 2019 and 3 are missing in 2020 so this doesn’t appear to be a major crisis or new issue.

I’ll go ahead and remove the buffer next time I am in. Thought is would be handy but not a big deal to take it off. I don’t like wire wheels at bench height because they shed wires. It would definitely not be safe mounted on the top of the bench without shields. It is lower than when I had it at home, not ideal, but not unusable.

I was there during a couple of cleanup sessions, not aware that we tossed any round tubing, or anything that was usable. What size and length was the tubing.

This is a new issue, and this is a problem.

“Whataboutism” isn’t an excuse; when minutes were requested they were posted. As for 2020 remember that was during the shutdown, there was no business in Metal Shop for much of that time or the business was minimal.

The massive difference today that makes this an actual problem is the sharing of information has become nonexistent from the committee, and some of these minutes are for major purchases and changes

Additionally, equipment on loan has had its stipulations violated and basic answers to questions like “Why is the transformer TIG and water buffalo pulled out of the shop?” Remain unanswered.

Tubing sizes were typically 1-3 feet of 1-1/4" DOM or chromoly. One had an existing bend. These are all cutoff pieces of what one typically uses the tubing bender for. Larger pieces of tubing are not used for the purpose due to cost of materials.
I recovered one of them but there was definitely more than what I could find.

There are 1000+ members and a very active forum of volunteers; if asked there is bound to be someone that can help post them. You can additionally look at how minutes are formatted on the wiki otherwise.

No contact to admin or infrastructure if help with minutes was needed, no capital forms submitted.

This is the first time someone from committee leadership even acknowledged the minutes issue in this thread in 2 months despite the problems it is causing, to have said impact of lack of minutes promptly brushed off…

We’ve already lost members over the issues caused.

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