RD works not showing dxf files correctly

I made my files in inkscape and they look fine, all the lines are straight and and parallel. When I open open them in rd works there are lines everywhere, they are curved and at different angles. The file is also very small but that is not a huge problem. I attached pictures of the files and then them in rd works. Is this a rd works problem and how can I fix it. Tha


Dxf files vary widely depending on the source (lots of generations and… Mess)

Try opening it in Adobe Illustrator. Check there. Save as an AI file. Then bring it into RDWorks.

Or if it is good in inkscape, save as svg. Then open in Illustrator and save as an AI. Import into RDWorks.

Check scale between programs. Inches vs cm or mm.

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Check the wire view too…or run a pathfinder to clean up. Nodes seem to be the same but you’ve got strange handles

RDworks is especially bad at handling even standard conforming dxf files… splines and closed polylines I’ve noticed are especially bad. I break everything down to arcs and lines and let RDworks sort the pathing. It’s rarely the most efficient path, but there are tools in RDworks if you really need to optimize.

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Here is what I learned. Save as AI version 9 compatibility. Sure saves me a TON of frustration.

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I know I’m necro-bumping, but I ran into a similar issue today trying to generate a work file from my design file.

Design file:

RDWorks’ impression:

(nevermind the filename - this was sourced from a .DXF file)

I design in a CAD application that speaks DWG, DXF, and can export to PDF or SVG. My experiences with those exports has been that of hilarious epic failure. Native file is simple geometry - lines and arcs with no polylines or anything that requires complex interpretation. Units were inches which likely explains the apparently minuscule ruler dimensions in RDworks - scale everything by 25.4, correct limits if necessary.

First google result for me leads to this very page.

Illustrator isn’t going to do similarly screwy things with the geometry since it’s an art program?

put ur design in square and then this no longer like this

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Mercifully we’re using Lightburn now.

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