RC Wiring Harness for 24V Service Bot Paying Gig

Trying to finish up a robot for wind turbine work and the motor control and wiring in general is stumping me. Was thinking to use a standard RC remote(aircraft style) with some sort of motor controller. Already tried the Sabertooth 2x60 and I think the large motor is faulting it out during regeneration.

These are the motors and functionality needed.

  1. 560w 24VDC Needs speed control.
  2. 300w 24VDC On/Off
  3. 50w 24VDC On/Off

Seems like it should be fairly straight forward but I’m learning as I go. Anyone think they could sort this one out freetime/weekends/weekdays?

I’d be willing to pay up to $45 an hour for someone with experience. Up in Amarillo but willing to travel down to the DFW area to work with the right person. A portion of the work could surely also be done remotely.

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I would suggest looking at this site and then giving them a call. They spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me discussing the different motor controllers, my needs and the RC controller to fit my needs.