Raw Pink Quartz & Bytownite - what to do next?

Hi Jewelry/Small Metals! I’m new to DMS and have a few pieces of pink quartz and Bytownite and would like to cut and polish them to start with. I’d also have a blue beryl that was my Mom’s before she passed that I’d like to wire wrap. Any thoughts on where to start? Thanks so much!


@JBluJkt is the person to talk to to get you started. He does fantastic lapidary work!

If you have facetted stones you want to set then @nausser915 can help you find the right setting.

I can show you some basic bezel settings and general jewelry stuff, but both of them are fantastic craftsmen.


@mrjimmy thank you! I’ll touch base [email protected] and would love a few minutes of your time. Will you be around this weekend?

Most likely, yes. Though I don’t have a set schedule for when I am there, if I am there I’ll be in jewelry or glass most likely. Just send me a message when you will be around.

Will do. Thanks!

@mrjimmy - I am planning to be at the Space tomorrow around 10/10:30am. If you’re there, I’d enjoy a chat for a few minutes. See you tomorrow!

I will most likely be around. See you in jewelry


You should post a picture of your cabochon on the show and tell thread. It turned out great!


I will! Thanks so much for yesterday. I had lots of fun!