Raunchy Botany YT Channel

Strangest Botany channel on YouTube



“…not that I’m one to keep up with the parlance of today’s youth…”

Did you make it to his closing tagline:

“Go F&+$ yourself, bye!”

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I will confess that I could not stand the full episode in real time, and did some skipping around & 2x, but after re-reviewing the episode in similar fashion, I still did NOT catch that signoff…
Maybe it’s not in that video?

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Also, is this dude NOT worried that his witness protection program will be blown by posting these videos? His accent makes it clear that WITSEC was how he got into botany, and I’d think his tattoos would give him away…
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Exactly. A Chicago mobster does profanity laden botany.

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Got one in this episode…

Also, “…hatasballs out heuh…”