Raspberry Pi Pico W YouTube Class

Paul McWhorter will be starting a YouTube Class on the Raspberry Pi Pico W very soon.

In this video he challenges us to buy one of the kits that he’ll be using and give it to a youngster to get them interested in electronics.

So I’m accepting his challenge. I’ll provide a SunFounder Raspberry Pi Pico W Ultimate Starter Kit to one guardian of a minor. Since there may be more than one individual interested, I’d like the guardian to message me why the minor is interested in learning about the Pico W.

I’ll select the recipient by January 24th and deliver the package to DMS so the guardian can pick it up.

Please, no messages from the minors; I don’t want any issues of that nature.


One final request, adults/guardians, if you think there would be an interest in a guardian/minor class on the Pico W, electronics in general, or other STEM activities, please let me know. My Mother took me to a couple classes when I was a youngster that left a big impression on me. I want to pay it forward.


hey David, i know DMS gets inquiries from time to time about presenting at STEM events - maybe talk to @artg_dms first to see if there is an opportunity to present on behalf of DMS.


Really great idea and generosity, David!

@bearaudio81: I like this approach, that is a class for appropriately aged kids sponsored by DMS and held here. I would sponsor one kid/buy one kit on this basis.



@David_Steele - Thank you for your generosity and encouraging participation in this series of lessons. I hope others will join you in this operation.

Paul McWhorter lessons are always very well organized and easy to understand. I’m running a Robot Camp for a grandson and four friends from 12-16 years old. They all relate to these sessions and generally crank the speed up to 120%. I’ve furnished them all with parts kits containing a Pico W, Wemos D1 Mini and accessories similar to those in this kit. It is rewarding to see them wire a circuit, load a program and then modify the program to see the circuit respond to their own commands.

Last summer, I ran a couple of DMS classes based around the Pico W. I will be having more classes using this fascinating microcontroller board in a few weeks.

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Paul McWhorter has started his class on how to program the Pico W using MicroPython.

There is still a free kit available for a younger person - see details above.


@David_Steele has made an incredible offer and it looks like there is still a little time. I would have made sure that the five members of my robot club were entered but I am already supplying them each with Pico W’s and a bunch of parts and I think this award should go to someone who may not have such a kit available.