Raptor Lining a Van outside

So I have a Van build I am working on. I have search through the post but didnt see a definitive answer so I thought I would ask first. Am I able to use the air compressor there to connect a raptor liner sprayer and raptor line the exterior of my van outside the garage in the parking lot. I will take the precautions to put cardboard down and bring plastic to cover any vehicle that maybe close by that I am unable to find the driver to ask to move. I am new and just thought I would ask first.


As I understand it the following is prohibited by our lease:

  • Working on cars outdoors
  • Painting of any kind outdoors

The last time I remember any sort of large scale finishing with an air compressor outside, there was considerable overspray thanks to the perpetual prairie breeze.


Considerable, translated in to English, means it damaged multiple others’ property.

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Thank you all for the responses. I will try to find another place then. My place frowns on me working on my van. HOA’s suck.

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No large scale painting in the parking lot or inside the building.

No small scale propellent paint can in the parking lot or inside DMS. (That $2k fine thing.)