Raku Pic's please

Please post your Raku Pic’s after you have taken your items home and cleaned them up.





These are all beautiful!!

Sounds like you guys at a good time!!

Raku is fun, very smoky though, cough, cough

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Maybe because we had multiple pieces per can

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Weather was perfect, fall is a good time to do it

Maybe we can do another one in six months

Feb.- Apr.


Can someone please do an informational class on roku first? :crossed_fingers:

I would love to do it, but don’t necessarily understand a lot about it. I’ve watched some stuff, but it would be nice to learn about how the glazes and clay are different and things I should be thinking about when making and glazing pieces. I know you never know how roku will come out until the piece is cleaned, but having at least a basic understanding would be so helpful.

I don’t really teach classes, but maybe @meanbaby or @Liamluu could put one on.

Also I’m assuming you mean raku (not roku), lol

Terra sig class would also be good.

Uhhhhhh…yeah. Stupid autocorrect kept changing it. :unamused: I guess it changed it to roku and I didn’t catch it. :roll_eyes:

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We usually cover this in the events leading up to the raku event. Normally there’s a slip casting event and then a glazing event so everyone can get help with their work. It’s not a formal class but there’s plenty of opportunity to learn and ask questions. If you attend all of the events or just ask for help, you can likely get someone to walk you through the whole process. I’m always happy to help and share raku slip. :slight_smile:


I realize that the pandemic makes this all wonky right now. I would love to learn about the process and get some tips. Your items came out beautifully. I’m guessing it will be awhile until the next event. I wouldn’t mind getting a head start to start getting stuff ready for the next event even if it’s 6 months out. :hugs: