Quilting Meet-ups scheduled through February


I’ve got Quiltpocalypse (name still pending) meet-ups on the calendar through February in order to secure the interactive classroom. I’ll remind everyone as the dates get closer, but if you know you want to come go ahead and put it on your calendar.

Speaking of the name, please fill out the poll below to vote on the final name for this meet-up. I can’t change the name for the events already on the books, but I can remember it for future scheduling.

  • Quiltpocalypse
  • Quiltapalooza
  • Quiltaholics
  • Can’t Quit Quilters
  • Other (comment below)

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I really like the fiber group names. No dog in the hunt.

It makes me smile when I hear what “Fiberholics are up to.”


Quilters Ever Prosper