Quilting frame as seen in Joanne's

Looks like you provide your own machine. It moves very smoothly and with very little effort.

Oooh, cool! Wait, what??? Cough-cough-cough…

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Super cool! Could something like this be built at DMS- built instead of purchasing?

I have dreams and fantasies of building something like that.

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My God. Reminds me of the time my sister sent me a link for a pretty simple scrapbookimg cabinet that was being sold for $3,000.

We can probably make something similar, just dunno about the costs. Aluminum extrusion is cheap, it’s the linear bearings that might get slightly $.

I’d be willing to poke at the idea to get a general BOM, but it’ll have to wait until end of March to get us past the crunch for our TPF show booth product production.


So, I poked at Amazon real quick. Depending upon the working area that the needle could reach in one setup, we could build one in house for under $500 without a problem.

What size of working area would be ideal for this if we were to build one? One axis is limited by the throat depth of the sewing machine used, but the width is whatever we’d find useable.