Quick HAAS question (yes/no)

Can the HAAS be run with the “gates” open? Thanks.

Can it? Yes, you can override the sensor.

Should it? NO

You would also have to override the liquids flow, else you’ll get cutting fluid everwhere.
Again, Should you? NO. you need the lublicant for the fast cutting the HAAS does else you just flat wear out the bits.

These over rides are provided mostly for maintenance.

OK, thanks. I was really inquiring about “normal” operation. That answers my question.

No problem. The door sensor is a little touchy, so anyone who uses the HAAS should know how to override, since it will frequently report the door open, even when it is closed.

@nicksilva is right as to WHY the door should normally be kept closed. It will create a mess if done while cutting fluid is running (which it should for aluminum at all times), and for safety, since chips (if everything is working) will fly out and heavier more dangerous things (if something breaks).

You will occasionally see @bgangwere do some operations during the class with the door open to make it easier for folks to see, but never a cutting operation.