Questions from a new member

Hi there! My name is Jake Adams and I just joined DMS last night. I’m super excited to be a part of this community, both to learn a lot and hopefully to help others learn as best as I’m able. I have some questions and I apologize in advance if the answers to these questions are readily available, I looked around a bit with no success.

  • I would love to take the woodworking courses so that I can get started with some projects I have on the back burner, but on the calendar I’m only seeing committee meetings. Are committee meetings open to any member? Is there any teaching/certifications given at committee meetings?

  • What are the best local sources for wood?

  • What are the best local sources for steel?

Thank you in advance for any help!! Can’t wait to start meeting you all!


Welcome to Dallas Makerspace!
We’re excited to be re-opened, too!

Yes, they are (generally; I hate to paint any chairs into any corners with too broad a brush, but generally, all are welcome).

Each chair would be best equipped to answer that. Generally, no would be the response I expect, but, for example, Metal Shop will occasionally grant “show me you can XXX” opportunities if you come to the meeting (come prepared to roll up your sleeves, and get dirty!)

Folks with more recent relevant experience will chime in, but meantime, check out our suppliers page:
There’s one for wood, in particular:

and for metal



Thank you for all the info! I greatly appreciate the help :slight_smile: