Question: which of the lasers are currently working?

I see some discussion about the fusion still being able to get some jobs done but when I went in last night around 8p there wasn’t any power to it. Is there specific times I’d need to go in to use it right now? Or did something need to be flipped on?

The Fusion does require extra training - I believe its operation [and power] are covered in the class.

Right, which we’ve taken but everything was completely shut down last night. So I was confused.

I am really needed to get get a few items engraved and cut but am not trained on the fusion laser which is the only one working at the moment. Would anyone be willing to help me out??

@nalajean_91 @dtaylor9104

Just an FYI - it appears the Fusion is down too…

I know getting the lasers up is a high priority, but I would also guess any materials might have longer lead times.

I’m going to be up at the space today first thing after work. We should have a tube and a new HV power supply in to fix donner and blitzen, and I’ll take a look at Big Thunder and see if it can be fixed pretty quickly.

As for the fusion, the tube is probably going out. Epilog is being very evasive about actually quoting me a price for a new tube though, so I’m going to continue to fight thaat battle.



(Anyone who’s on the maintenance team, if you want to show up and help that’d be appreciated. I seriously can’t do all of this alone)

Does anyone know of any place/or person that has a fusion that will let me pay my use for the time being?

The parts have arrived. They are on the dock.


Thank you.

Okay, @cvrana and I spent a bit of time working on the lasers today, out findings are as follows:

  • big thunder: is cutting again - there was a pretty serious alignment issue, which was causing the laser to hit the focusing tube…reducing power and causing sparks.

  • blitzen: We found the issue with the laser tube leaking water… It has been disabled until we replace the tube. We do have new ones already in, however they have a slightly different power connection point it looks like, and neither of us know how to connect it. @skyspook if your in tomorrow, I may try to steal 10 min of your time on that.

  • Donner: supposedly was having arcing in the HV power supply… But we could not reproduce. My understanding is that we have a new power supply on the way anyways though, so we probably should abstain from using it until we get it replaced for certain. If you do try to use this machine, and notice it arcing - PLEASE try to take a video or pictures and/or document a little bit more on it.

  • Fusion: seems to be working well from what we can tell.

As a friendly reminder, if you run into an issue, PLEASE BE as specific as possible on the issue. At a minimum, try to follow the checklist below:

  • check if the issue has already been reported on the forums, we’ve gotten way too many threads about the same issues, which ends up meaning that we miss things.
  • try to record a high quality video or high quality pictures of the issue happening.
  • please include the best way to contact you, and also at what time the issue happened.
  • If you are willing to share the file that you are trying to use, please mention that in the report.
  • MORE DETAILS ARE BETTER THAN LESS. If we get a report of something not working, the report includes few details, and we cannot reproduce it - it’s going to just be marked as to fixed/closed. We are all volunteers and are not all able to spend dozens of hours chasing ghost issues.

ONE LAST NOTE: It appears that we are very low on argon gas at the moment. Please remember to always check the pressure before using any lasers so as to help prevent fires.


@rlisbona – Do we know anything about the current state of the argon?

What indicates we are very low on argon? I opened another bottle about a week ago and its showing 800psi on the pulsa remote monitoring, i think we have 3 full bottles in the six pack.

Iirc we’ve turned the pressure at the lasers down as low as possible within the last few months, to minimize the effects of leaks and try and dissuade any use as blow guns. Maybe that’s what you were noticing?

If you are looking at the gauge on the wall on the black iron pipe that gauge is pretty useless, its meant for the cylinder pressure and we drop it to less than 150 psi outside on the six pack. Last time I looked at it it appeared to be close to zero line pressure

I am not sure. I looked at the tanks outside, and it looks like one was in the red zone and one was in the yellow zone/otherwise lowish pressure… Maybe I was reading the wrong thing, I’m not sure.

I replaced the high voltage connector on Donner which is why you didn’t find the high voltage short. However, that did not fix the issue. I don’t know the original problem or what was done but I have determined that the controller seems to be preventing the laser from firing. If you will be there tomorrow, I could walk you through what I worked out. Sorry I didn’t report all this but as far as I know I am still not on the laser maintenance list.

I have been unable to locate a recent update as to the status of the lasers. Which ones, if any, are working, and if not, any info as to when they will be?

Sandi Newton

As of a few days ago all of them were working correctly. The only one that has some minor issues is currently big thunder- which we need to still replace the bed for.

If there have been any other issues in the last couple days since this was all fixed up I have not heard of them.

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Thank You so much for the update and thank you to all who worked on getting them back in operation. I used Blitzen the last 2 days and it worked great!