Question related to Yellow Pine

Forgive my ignorance and the randomness of this question, but…

I’m aware that yellow pine is not permitted in the woodshop due to its potential to damage tools and equipment with its high sap content. However, I’m curious: if yellow pine were to be used on any of the machines in the shop, would it leave behind any distinctive traces or characteristic signs of having been present? :thinking:

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Yes…possibly: sap on tool surfaces (e.g. on the table saw cast iron top); goop/gunk build-up on any blades/cutters (e.g. the carbide cutters on planer and jointer); sawdust with a noticeable color and odor.


Your forgot to add … Asking for a friend.



Srsly tho what if one brought one’s own blade specifically for cutting SYP, and wiped down surfaces with goo gone or a similar product?
Will the sap also harm the mechanisms or dust collection intake? Def don’t want to damage the tools, but syp is SOOO cheap…

Yellow pine is a hard no-go. Great way to get banned from the Makerspace, and video cameras everywhere.

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If you absolutely need to use yellow pine in your project, all the hand tools out in the main workshop are cleared for yellow pine.

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Thank you for the responses. I actually was asking because I arrived at the woodshop to find a particularly gnarly mess left behind, distinguishable in color and odor. And before I did anything like cleaned it up or exposed my stock to the contaminated tools, I wanted to see if it was SYP. Turns out it was Osage Orange, I think?’


Correct, it was Osage Orange.