Question for Biochem Nerds

I use isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle to disinfect groceries, amazon deliveries, etc.

It seems like a tiny bit of surfactant would aid the complete wetting of non-porous items. I have some that I’d normally use with certain sprayable herbicides.

Any idea what effect, if any, a surfactant might have on the alcohol’s ability to disinfect?

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Just add 1 drop of dish detergent. Detergent is a surfactant and will lower the surface tension.

Terrain makers do this (alcohol + a tiny bit of detergent in a spray bottle) to wet sand/gravel/flocking before adding glue.


JET-Dry (sheeting agent for the dishwasher) is another option - has a similar effect in lowering surface tension.

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Thanks, Mike!

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