Question About Math Formulas for Signal Processing

I’m interested in using a computer for signal processing. I have this audio plugin by a company called SocaLabs. Basically the way it works is you type in math formulas. I’m trying to come up with formulas for many different digital effects. Unfortunately there are no videos for the plugin anywhere on YouTube. So I was wondering if anyone might be in the know or be interested.

Math Plugin

Looks like they’re using the analog math. Trig, exponential, logarithmic, etc. There are a number of cookbooks, app notes that will give the math for filters, amplifiers, modulators, and so on.
Might start this journey with audio filters - 2 books to look for
Active Filter Cookbook by Don Lancaster
IC Op-Amp Cookbook by Walt Jung
Analog Devices will have App notes for analog processing as well as TI.
Most analog processing is done with op amps. Look for the circuits and the math.


Interesting plugin. Seems like a good way to show examples of signals and how they look ‘on paper with numbers’ and ‘maths.’

But without any examples, you may need to look elsewhere. The dearth of examples likewise imply an opportunity for someone with the knowledge to create examples.

One route might be to take a class of audio signal processing. Perhaps like this free online course from Stanford University: Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications | Stanford Online

Quote straight from the web page:

  • What is the coolest thing I’ll learn if I take this class?
    You will play around with sounds a lot, analysing them, transforming them, and making interesting new sounds.

Perhaps after taking this class and learning audio processing in the Python language, you could be the person who makes those videos/examples for audio processing using the Socalabs plugin???

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Thanks!!! Hopefully this helps…