Question about Conponents in the Electronics Lab

I looked around Talk for an answer to this questions and didn’t find one. From time to time, I’m in need of a small component (resistor, capacitor, connector, switch, etc.). At those times, I have rummaged through the many drawers of components to find what I needed and then put what I considered fair payment in the donation box. I think that’s the correct protocol.

Yesterday I was in the electronics space and I noticed some items of interest (for example, there’s a small solar panel, some high-voltage capacitors, some transformers). I was hesitant to take them out of concern that they may belong to a member or to the electronics committee and I did not want to take anything belonging to others. Can you provide some guidance as to what items are available to take (purchase for a donation) and what is not and how to distinguish between the two categories.



That’s a great question. @artg_dms Which piles are the no-touch piles :wink: ?

Thanks for asking - when in doubt ask. Saves a lot of headaches later.
Small solar panel in box on floor under wire shelf - help yourself.
High voltage caps - large ones on end of center table or small blue ones?
Which transformers? - there many of one type from Tanners and there are some misc.