Quarter, quarter, quarter system for making drawers

This is a good technique for making drawers with a minimum of setups needed. It uses 1/2" baltic birch plywood (which is actually 1/2" thick), a quarter inch dado set up to 1/4" high, and a fence 1/4" away from the dado.

One setup for cutting the front/back, the sides, and the bottom of the drawers (if using 1/2" thick, flush-bottom heavy-duty drawer bottoms).

Useful to know for production work or when you want to make some drawers with a minimum of hassle.

You can adapt this to non-precision-thickness plywood by using 1/2 the actual plywood thickness in lieu of 1/4" in the setup (in all three measurements). This can be problematic in getting dado blade stacks to match the thickness, however, even with shimming.