Qidi Tech X-Max

I bought the Qidi Tech to print ABS, but it was not able to do so for some reason, even with multiple board and extruder changes. I do not need it for other plastics, and am selling it for $100 or best offer. It is selling for $1300 brand new on Amazon.

It has a copper nozzle to print very high temp plastics and prints PLA adequately with the regular extruder.
It has a 12" by 8" build space, which is larger than most hobbyist level printers.

I’ll take it, need something at home.

Full disclaimer-the last time I used it was 12months ago. I cannot guarantee it will continue to work and do not have the time to test it. Qidi Tech has excellent tech support that replies within 12 hours if you have any problems.

If you are still willing, when can you come to the Makerspace?

I’ll be up there on Saturday most likely