Pumpkin needs some first aid

We had a pumpkin get damaged during our last glaze load, we broke part of the stem. It should be possible to “glue” it back on with bisque fix so we moved it over to the pieces needing attention area. We are truly sorry for the mistake on our part, hate to ever have anything go wrong but sometimes it happens.


Poor poor pumpkin…it can still be saved :+1:


oh this is @mchou93 and she’s going to use bisque fix on it. Kudos to Megan for not being upset and being even tempered and focused on fixing it. Also, kudos to Steve who mentioned it to me as soon as I arrived yesterday in hopes I’d remember the initials (which I did not at the time) so I could contact the maker.


This kind of stuff happens and it’s a good learning experience. Stuff breaks, most of the time it can be saved if it’s in the greenware/bisque stage. @mchou93

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No worries at all!! Thanks for making a post about it. Amanda let me know it was an accident. I love my pumpkin no matter what stem it has :relieved: