Pulling in my trailer for a quick project?

Hi! I have a trailer pictured below that I am working on as a mobile coffee bar - almost done! But my window is the only space large enough to put in my refrigeration…
I don’t have a multitool at home so I was hoping to use one from the woodshop area to cut the siding out around the window frame and then lift the refrigerator in. Now my actual question - would it be possible to pull the trailer into the automotive space to do this sometime? My schedule is flexible!

Or is there a better way to go about this? I am new to the makerspace so any advice is appreciated. Everything should only take a few hours so no storing needed.

Trailer (pic)

DMS doesn’t have a multi-tool, yet. (@skyspook - second request in two days.)

Most carpenters would use a circular saw to make that type of opening, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. Depending on the line needed, a jig saw could also work. Will you be adding any trim to cover the cut?

Usually people have worked on trailers outside of automotive on a weekend. There is also an inside area next to ceramics. Using that area would require you to back the trailer up a ramp.

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It’s hard for me to tell quite how large that is. I’ve worked on my teardrop in automotive which is ~14’x7’, and it fit in the bay just fine. You’d probably need to back it up the ramp and unhook it so your tow vehicle doesn’t block the other bay.

I thought we did have a multi-tool, we’ve got blades for one for sure. Let me check tonight.

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Do we have a Sawzall?


Yes we do .


As always, bring your ownblades

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We absolutely have a multitool. It’s on the rack with the rest of the Ryobi tools. That said, I do agree with just about everyone else in saying that a multitool is probably not the right one for the job here.

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We are looking for this tool.

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Now blades who knows…


Small world, I saw that trailer in the wild today. You live a street over from us, we’re on Hialeah.

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Small world!! Yes, we live the next street over :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for your help!! Looking forward to bringing her in and finally finishing this project.
The trailer is 10x6.5 ft by the way!

What would be the best day/time to come in so I am not taking up too much space at a busy time?

Harbor Freight sells these multi-tools for less than 25 bucks, the AC corded version not the battery type. They also sell the blades.

How tall is your trailer(Would it fit under the roll-updoor next to ceramics)? Would you be comfortable backing it up an incline?

Thanks all!! I was able to pull into automotive today and work on it. Got done what I needed :relaxed: I appreciate your help!