Prototype Design Needed


I’m facilitating a workshop for 10 teams of HS students on Sept 13. Students will have 40 mins to design and assemble materials to prototype solutions based on the iBot pictured here. I need help with someone designing and determining materials for a low cost model that can serve as the prototype. Does anyone here have the ability to provide this service?



I don’t quite understand what you need.

Do you want someone to design you something from this photo? Are there requirements or specifications of what is needed? A scale? A cost?


The goal is to allow the 10 groups of students the opportunity to replicate the design and building experience by making their version which will be based on the picture. I’m looking for someone who build a list of low cost materials (ie pipecleaners, rubberbands, cardboard, etc) and a plan for how they can be assembled to create a scaled down table top version. Students will only have 40 mins to evaluate materials, build and test their prototypes.