Prospective member/ Multi-filament 3D printer/Centrifugal casting machine


I would like to become a member in order to develop an intricate part made through copper casting. I plan to develop the mould from a 3D printed part made of a mix of PLA&PVA filamemt.

Does DMS have a Multi-filament printer?

When is the next class for training on using the centrifugal casting machine?


@Team_3D_Fab @Team_Jewelry

Hi Raheem,

We’ve got one multi-extruder printer: a Flashforge Creator Pro. It’s currently unsupported (self-service, no machine-specific training available), but the documentation is available for self-study, and a few people on the forum have or have had the same machine and might be willing to provide input if you run into any trouble.

Generally, for metal casting, most people at the 'Space are using castable resin on an Elegoo Mars resin printer, which is ideal for intricate parts due to the ~50 micron resolution. However, there will definitely be some support structure which needs to be trimmed, but it’s not as difficult to remove as on an FDM printer.

Can you share your part file, or an image, or perhaps desired tolerances and the rough size?

@Team_Jewelry will know more about the casting specifics and class times.

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