Proposed ban against 80%


While still a proposal, the titling of the bill sure makes one think how politicians like to mislead their constituents, or are counting on no opposition from people who only read headlines. :cry:


I shouldn’t be surprised by the ways that control is attacking firearms ownership. But, claiming unfinished aluminum parts as unsafe to sell to the public seems more than absurd to me. What are the links to personally manufactured firearms and crime? I don’t know of anything major. I hope this doesn’t get passed as it makes owning gun parts a possible crime to those that are dumb.


Speaking of home made guns.


There’s a whole lotta behind-the-scenes gun market that involves shop “A” making unfinished (a.k.a. “80%”) receivers and 07FFL shop “B” doing the CNC cutting and anodizing/heat-treat to produce a receiver.

Also to consider: what has happened before with the '94 AWB, will happen again – all new products will be simply mutated to comply. The fine line that differentiates between a “block of aluminum” and an “unfinished AR receiver” will be well known in short order by everyone interested in such things.