Property Taxes and why Denton's chief appraiser was removed

For those with real estate in Denton this may be interesting. The “media” is typical in their foggy/incorrect.

The Property Tax article is under DCAD.

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Whoa! Thanks for this article. I protest my property taxes every year and the last few years have gotten out of control. Typically I can get a reduction based on real market data. The last two years they have not budged even when hiring a firm to do the work.

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This was interesting. I can’t imagine they are the only county guilty of this? Although maybe it was due to a single, aberrant, bad actor. Seems there should be more checks-n-balances, like maybe a governance/review board at the state level that looks at each county’s process and performance re: property tax and whatever. Although, like pretty much everything, that could get corrupted, too.

Just when I ran out of reading material. Lol

Seems like crap like this would be toned way down if Texas required disclosure of property sales prices. Go ahead, Libertarians, roast me.

Damn Libs!

So I actually work with commercial real estate property tax and I discredit this article based off the fact dcad isn’t Denton it’s Dallas their web site is literally for Dallas county so anybody who would say dcad would never associate that with Denton county! But assessors which they didn’t name individuals is of, but there’s a game of catch up, the assessor will set values and then the markets will be higher and the results is more protest and more board hearing reductions( how NTRG) makes money then the next tax cycle the assessors with over compensate and assess higher than they should! This “lawsuit” has basis no in fact cause every tax payer have the right to protest and Texas is an equal and uniform state and has what’s called fair equity so say there 2 identical buildings and ones 100,000,000 and the others 200,000,000 and the second owner has to do is go hey mines the same here the facts and instant equal and uniform reduction in value same with residential!! Even if there was some insane corruption at then the building owner would simply just have to find a similar building with a lower value and the fraudulent number would be reduced!

So there’s informal agreements where the assessors and the appraiser and bod agree to reduce the value with a handshake basically, then you can take it to the board of directors( or board of equalization) and represent yourself or hire a consultant to present your case, then if they decline it you can take it to litigation to get sometimes a reduction at every level given enough evidence! So there’s 3 levels of actions you can take if you feel you’re assessed value is unfair and incorrect

Chris, read the article. DCAD is the acronym the authors chose to use for Denton Central Appraisal District and it has nothing to do with which county snagged first.

It’s about DENTON county.


Yes, I dispute my property value assessment every year on a “preventative care” basis, and so am very familiar with the overall process. How does anything you mentioned address the rampant corruption addressed in OP?

re: Your other post, I am calling bullshit on you calling bullshit. Citizens/taxpayers should not have to resort to lengthy and expensive litigation on a widespread and regular basis just to receive the basic fairness and transparency that is owed to them by any democratic/representative government (whatever the level of jurisdiction).


I know but anybody in the property tax industry would never use dcad for Denton itd be like me writing and article about cad software and it benign about computer aided decorating software! It’d just universally never used to describe Denton cad

Litigation very rarely happens to home owners, I’m talking about like driftwood hospitality, we over saw them all the way through litigation with the Hilton Houston location! yea it cost them 7k in legal fees but it’s resulted in a tax savings of somewhere close to 300k and an overall reduction in value in the millions! But single family almost never go to litigation

I don’t understand your obtuseness and desire to red-herring the discussion, and as always, make it about you.


The article was about costing corporations and individuals money by higher taxes you said there’s no oversight in the whole process I said there is you said no one should have to go to litigation I said well only corporations would because let’s face it therye not calling 1000$ per household a scandal the increases they’re talking about is the 750,000 increase for multi use office and hotels that’s the scandal! So I was just laying out thst there’s a multi tier checks and balance system for corporations to fight this “corruption”

I have used the Dallas Central Appraisal District a lot and someone has captured the website and transferred it to a totally different place [note the different URL at the top] that is sucking in accurate data while blocking direct access to the dallas county information. The terminology used in the linked articles with repeated use of fraud, makes no indication as to how this money would be directed to individuals.

And the thing is dcad only sets the values it’s the tax office or treasurer who’s in charge of the collection and monitoring of money!! So it’d be like accusing the Walmart who our up a 99cent now sticker on a product! Like what, I’m just the one who makes up the number, talk to the tax office about anything involving money( literally why the two entities are separated so the people making the assessment don’t ever see any of the money from their assessments)