Property Tax Increases in TX

I am rooting around on Zillow right now, getting a feel for the market. I noticed this following property tax history, which I thought was odd because:

1-- the home was built in 2002
2 – home prices have been doing nothing but going up in this area (Princeton/Lavon/Mckinney), but assessment went down in 2016?
3 – And then assessment went up trivially in 2018, but property taxes skyrocketed 143%

Is that reasonable? Are property taxes allowed to do that in TX?

Check the sale history. It probably sold in 2016/2017 and was re-assessed at that time, or maybe had some addition. Something got the attention of the appraisal district right about then.

Or they lost the homestead or over-65 exemption about that time.


I know mine have doubled since 2014. In 2012-14 my value went down before it regained in 15. My value since has damn near doubled as well. Makes me want to sell it & move out into the boondocks.

Good thought. Zillow is reporting that last sale was in July 2005 for $35K, so I think it was just for the land. Type of structure is labeled as “mobile/manufactured”. So my guess is that land was improved in 2016, so the assessment popped in 2017, and the property taxes popped but trailed by a year.

Makes sense?

When I buy I’ll try and get one with an extra bedroom or MIL building.

I’m up ⅔ since I bought more than 10 years ago. Contested my assessment, went to first-round arbitration and got it knocked down 10% (off of just the improved value unfortunately).

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30% would have been in line with the deficiencies relative to the comps they countered my protest with, but it’s not worth litigating over.

There are a number of property tax discounts available to special classes:

For example if the previous owner was a disabled vet the houses tax burden could be rather significantly discounted.

Let’s all buy houseboats!

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The Corps of Engineers won’t let you live on most (all?) lakes in Texas…

Tell me about it. Kenneth and I found a PERFECT little A frame but it was on a lake. We were looking at having a little inexpensive vacation spot…but it was on a land lease. We looked long and hard but decided not to go for it. So cute. It’s in Tyler if anyone is willing to buy a house but not the land it’s on. Risky and strange for me.

I was talking about living on a (house)boat. Can’t do it on Corps lakes. I saw that A-Frame deal you posted and I agree, it’s very, very odd to not own the land. I wouldn’t do it without a guaranteed perpetual land lease with all lease fee amounts included in the contract.

Mine went up 18% and that is with contesting it. I have some super chump neighbors who way overpaid. Closest decent comps that are comparable are 3-4 blocks away. They would not accept my comps by a board vote of 2:1. Mutherf#$#!s

I thought if you had homestead it was capped at 10% for the taxes that year?


I’m trying to help my neighbors. Throw more stuff in your front yard, it helps. Maybe cinderblock some cars.


My retired football coach yuppie neighbor (seemingly contradictory but it’s reality) is positively obsessed with property home values - neat when you sell, but that lifetime tax burden invisibly eats into the margins over the years. It’s like he hasn’t observed the pattern of homeowners in the neighborhood spending their final year performing high-visibility/lower-cost upgrades to their house then selling.

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I have the perfect solution to this whole problem. Whatever the tax assessment price on your house is, Texas must be willing to purchase your house for that price.

I’d settle for if they were willing to just pay the taxes on it :–)

Supposed to be, having my lawyer question DCAD about it.