Proof I am not average

According to this article, the average American hasn’t made a new friend in five years:

I joined DMS less than five years ago and I cannot count the friends I have made here.


I have no trouble making friends. also, introducing my friends, to my friends so they have friends!

Let’s fill DMS with friends.


I’ve found it very difficult to make friends outside of a school setting, as well as moving 1000 miles away from home puts a damper on that. I did start to friends pretty quick once I joined the space.


Taking classes is the easiest way to make friends,

I got into Mountain Biking about 15 years ago and have met quite a few of my friends through that, most at the trailhead. has a list of local trails.

You have to have something in common to make a friend. I mean, if you start talking to Jean at the grocery store about what’s her favorite vegetable it will get awkward pretty quick. You might even have the police called on you.
At the space we are all makers-so we already know each others favorite vegetable.


Fixed that for you, Lara. :slight_smile:


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