Projet 5500x 3d printer with oven and supplies

I have a projet 3d wax / ceramic printer.
It comes with supplies and an oven.
Looking to donate, can deliver.
Not sure what the application is. I was told its for making jewelry. They used it to make fossle watch prototypes.
It is a working unit.




@Team_Jewelry this would be something for them to look at

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If I understand this thing, the overall prototyping in or outside of jewelry will be outstanding

If my googling is accurate, that’s a 10 year old $225,000 industrial grade printer. Yes almost quarter million dollars, probably when new…
Wonder how much the consumables and maintenance costs?

It is also pretty heavy(2200 lbs) from what I have seen as well as larger foot print.

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Wow, this looks like an awesome industrial printer but might be overkill for us. The cost of ownership will be significant. We can get good results on the open-source Egloos we have for a fraction of the cost which makes more sense for DMS.


So is this something DMS would like to have or no.
Who do i need to contact for an answer.
As stated, come with supplies about 2k worth comes with an oven, i can deliver it.
Or it can go for scrap, dont have time to remarket.

Nate @delpn
Jayson @engpin
Keith @Keith

Are the chair and vice chairs of 3D Fab. Their call

Seems low risk to test it out, if we have space to put it and have the resources to focus on it - but their call


Is this the printer we discussed or a different one?

Also please note, that if you are expecting a donation receipt for tax write off this has to go through the board too I think.

I vote no. The supplies and maintenance would be a lot plus where would we put it?

Wow! What a unique and generous offer, @David_Gersh! Thank you for making it an option! :slight_smile:

To answer your question, the Chair of Jewelry would be who you need to get a go/no go from. Although it is a 3D printer, it is specify made for that area and so would fall under their governance. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure exactly who that would be, but I’m sure someone here can give you that contact.

For my part, I think it would a fascinating piece of equipment for the DMS to have. And likely quite a show piece! But only if we can really use it. And that would be something that Jewelry would have to answer. I’d love to see us have it if they can find a way to make it a Yes, but obviously that’ll be up to them. Thank you again for the generous offer, regardless of if we can take advantage of it or not. :grin:

That would be Joseph, @nausser915 as shown on his flair tag.
Also, he said “no, thank you” (paraphrase) a couple of posts up…

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Though the OP listed this as a wax/ceramic printer, and therefore of interest primarily to the jewelry shop, I believe it can print a number of different materials. I found this PDF online. It looks like it can print multiple materials in a single part, with 29 micron resolution.

I can take it and get you write off please dm me