Project to help bring about a better representative republic, to democratize voting

Note that I am making a distinction between “elections” and “voting”, as a political scientist would, I assume, or as a mathematician would between “election theory” and “voting theory”.

I have recently added myself to the committee list, and am looking to discuss (not just with this committee, but with the membership at large as well) a project [disclaimer: this is a corporation I am working with, not a civic non-profit. Let me assure you, however, that I have serious system-changing goals driving me to work on this.] Where was I? Oh yes, a project… that aims to better inform voters about the politicians on their ballots (from municipal to federal) as well as let candidates have real information about what all of their constituents find important (and not just the loudest or wealthiest.) I believe that this two-way transparency (although of course, maintaining anonymity for the voters) can help to facilitate a real change as the movement catches on - indulge my fantasy, if you will - to the point where the wants of a handful of wealthy voters cannot matter more to a politician, than do the wishes of us unwashed masses.

The way I see it, there are only two things one can hope for in an elected official: one that thinks and thus votes exactly as you would, or one that may think differently but values his position (be it for perks or ideals) enough to vote on behalf of the voters. A representative in the literal sense either way, yes? But with special interest money or voter apathy and confusion in the way, few can really even hope for these things.

As I tend to do on topics which excite me I could talk for hours, so let me get to the point. The company I speak of is looking to build a PoC for an online platform that could in some way, big or small, facilitate the change I speak to above, and in the process become a profitable business. I could certainly refer them to the company that writes my paychecks, but being a startup in infancy, they can’t afford either the time or money it would take to even begin down that route, and the ability for the company to offer a sweat/equity deal for some or all of the payment wouldn’t even be on the table.

As an IT infrastructure architect by trade, and a “backend” guy by experience of the last two decades, I’m looking for someone(s) with experience in all these newfangled frameworks that really blur the line of demarcation from font-to-backend interested in having a discussion on the topic.

Also, the solely creative types, who might be more inclined to just the “pretty face” side of the web, there’s a need, albeit a smaller one perhaps, for you as well so fear not if you don’t write code but have an interest and something to offer. Can’t hurt to talk, right?

Thanks for reading. If anyone takes offense to this ultimately being commercial in nature, let me know and I’ll move the post elsewhere. If you don’t know me, check my posting (or former mailing list) history, lest you think I’m the commercially spammy type. I’m not a headhunter, not a recruiter, just a guy looking to help both sides of this aisle and who would love to be able to find someone I know, even if by “know” I just mean “share a common interest and membership with.”