Project Management Class - Six Sigma/Agile/Waterfall


I saw a few months ago that there was possibly interests in having a project management course.

I have done project management for 5+ years and I am Six Sigma Certified. I also have a fellow members that is Business Analyst that specialize more in Agile and Waterfall Methodology.

Is anyone interested in a class series on this?
Would you prefer a blended course (some online work and class time)? Or all in person?
What days and times are preferred on this course?

Thank you!



What is Six Sigma?



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I would be interested in Six Sigma

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No cost. I’m not a certified trainer. This would more give you skills not a certificate.

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That’s the math part but Six Sigma is more than calculations. It’s process improvement. I won’t focus on boring you with math. I’ll focus on tools to identify issues, analyzing cause, how to set up your project plan, getting executive buy in, etc.



Six Sigma is essentially a toolbox that helps you improve process by increasing quality, identifying issues, and improving efficiency.

Many companies use these tools for improving their performance. Some companies I know that use Six Sigma teams are Dr. Pepper, Texas Instruments, Goldman-Sach, McKesson, and many hospital systems.



And the “official” training is super expensive.



blended probably works better for people’s schedules, we can probably get more in depth if the entire course doesn’t have to fit into the classroom time.

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We had some issues a while back, I think with someone claiming to be Six Sigma certified and turned out not to be. It was a real hassle for the space. I think as long as you aren’t giving out certificates or charging it might not be a big issue.



Semi. Six Sigma training isnt that bad, pretty low cost. I can see what kind of resources I can pull up for low cost training options with certifications. Also you might have access to free training and certification via your employer.

I think the above poster is referring to Scrum Master certifications which yeah can be pricey. I can’t offer and certifications at this time and I deal with more of the Six Sigma side.



I think the space prefers free courses, to avoid the hassles Draco mentioned, even if the certification isn’t achieved. For most people here, knowledge is king, not necessarily the papers to back it up.

That’s just my opinion as an individual.

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Makes sense. I think this course would more be to see if you are interested and get some basic skills to start your own projects. If this needs to be verified first by a committee I am all for that.



I would send the board an email and let them know what you are wanting to do.

email [email protected]

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Alright perfect. Thanks for your help.



We had an individual who misrepresented her training for Six Sigma certification.

DMS refunded everyone’s money. It was a bit messy.

So, as a community, when someone offers Six Sigma training it causes people to remember those events and twitch just a bit.



I’m interested

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Yeah I knew nothing of the past class, but I definitely can understand why that would cause a lot of chaos and mistrust. I’m certified from my employer and don’t plan to charge anything. But I will confirm that the board is okay with it all before I proceed. Thanks for clarifying.



I’m all for a prep class on six sigma or agile project management of any sort. @Team_VCC even has a DevOps user group that meets regularly. Though I’d stress the fact which @Diplomat pointed out and suggest that one doesn’t make any statement or promises towards a student receiving an “actual” certification of any kind after the class.

But, I can get about 6 to 24 professionals to attend any sort of agile or devops classes maybe more with the right amount of scheduling and leg work. So let me know if there’s anything else you need or we can work out to help get a class going.

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