[Project Idea] Plain Old Telephone Service and Phreaking

If we ever wanted to play around with public payphone systems and POTS then there are a few auctions that are within our budget.

But why one may ask?

Post your thoughts and comments below…

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So much for the one we got a few months ago, this one actually is a fully working pay phone.


Tracking shipment

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I just wanted to point out there is a (still active, I believe) number that plays only Hall and Oates. They call it “Callin’ Oates”.


I for one will appreciate another exit point for the Matrix.



If we can work it out then we may end up getting this on the C*Net since we already have a spare Obi200 google voice to phone adaptor.

Also we do have an (separate) asterisk server setup for dial in to the BBS it might be easy enough to patch it so we can bluebox and redbox the thing or transfer to the space’s asterisk extension for the comms around the space and maybe to each classroom. While other extension can pull from random quotes off talk/discord/twitter.

Or if anything we at lease can throw a raspberry pi or two inside it and turn it into a BBS/Plan9 Host/or something cool like that.

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well I don’t know about an exit of the matrix but we may tie it into XM Core so we have FTN style message board links to boards like Tardis, Necronomicon, and ACiD Underworld BBSs

Plus it would be a good way to jack into the matrix

No promises though.

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Whooot!! The phone arrives today. Unboxing party 7pm.

That’s awesome, I’m hoping I can make the member meeting tonight ( fingers crossed that the brolo will be done in time for me to borrow the van) and I’d love to swing by after to check it out. does the space already have a payphone? I swear I remember seeing one on the vintage computing nook a while back.

It’s amusing to think that the device that killed off the payphone can now make red/blue/rainbow boxes as trivial as downloading an app

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We have the upper body of one but couldn’t track down the rest of it so had to order a new one. The old body is either going to be auctioned off for committee funds or used to build as a case mod for a cluster of Raspberry Pis that we’ll take to QuakeCon next year.

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One of the projects I’ve had on the far back burner (just waiting for time and $) has been to get an Arduino/rPI with a GSM module to work with an old rotary phone to make the ultimate hipster cellphone. A backpack style payphone/cellphone would be awesome.

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Nice! One could even get “free” service with freedompop

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Connecting up to an Asterisk system:


Sites on phone phreaking:






Google Voice, Obihai and Asterisk


Current planned dialplan:

exten => _9X.,1,NoOp(Call to Project MF  - Rainbow Boxing test line)
exten => _9X.,n,Dial(IAX2/[email protected]/17622600)
exten => 0,1,NoOp(Call SDF Public Access Telephone Musuem via C*Net - https://sdf.org/?tour/museum/index)
exten => 0,n,Dial(DAHDI/g0/12320074)
exten => _1X.,1,NoOp(Call to PSTN)
exten => _1X.,n,Dial(DAHDI/g0/${EXTEN:1})
exten => 1337,n,NoOp(Open Mystic Login)
exten => 1337,1,Answer
exten => 1337,n,PPPD(/mystic/mysticctl)
exten => 1337,n,Busy
exten => 1337,n,Hangup

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I’d love to hop in this project if i wasn’t so busy trying to learn cake php for the calendar interface. I got like 3 pdfs open right now just for that -.-
this look soo coooool
i’ll file it under “look at this tomorrow or next week”


Aw, I used to work on those… Still have the manual but you’re just gonna gut them. Oh well.

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Don’t think we’ll “gut” this one, we’ll keep it as original as posible while still plugging it into the asterisk system.

But the upper body on our first attempt would fit our needs to “gut”, just need some help machining the rest of the case for that one.


Also if you have a pdf of the manual then we’d love to get a copy for the archives.

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I will attempt to make a PDF of the manual pages. There are 32 but I believe I can easily do the conversion, AND, Oh By The Way… if this is a vintage unit, there may be a Mercury Relay in it. Probably a “Can” type but you should be aware just in case.

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Its in!!! Video to go live in the morning of the unboxing. We have a lot of work ahead of us to get it ready but the hardpart is done.

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I’m just dying to know if “Phraking” is a phrase with which I’m not familiar, or if it’s a typo for “phreaking”.

The rest of this post appears to be about phreaking, so I’m pretty sure that’s it, but I’m also thinking if “phraking” isn’t a thing yet, it needs to be…


Correct … however Phrack is a e-zine about many things including phreaking …

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