Private Woodshop 1 - 4 Class

I’d like to get certified in the next couple weeks but this week’s woodshop 1-4 class is full. Anyone else interested in doing a private class?

@Mrksls2 and @shoottx - Any availability in the coming weeks? Are there any other people who are authorized to give the classes?

Take the Breadboard Boot Camp on the 22, 23, or 24th. It will get you what you need.
Plus it’s an excellent class.


Thanks, didn’t realize that would also work.

Yes, thank you. I didn’t realize that either.

Thursday 3:00 I am doing a class

It’s $25 if your interested

Send me a note and I’ll save you a spot

face palm i thought “Breadboard” meant electronics breadboard.

Now I want to make one out of wood but paint it to look just like that and leave it in the E-Lab

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Had a busy last week so wasn’t able to attend the breadboard class like I had wanted to - filled up before I could sign up. So add me to the list of people interested in another class soon. Thanks.

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