Pressurized Growler 64oz - 128oz keg

My Google-Fu already found many options, but I’m really interested in y’alls personal experiences. I’m looking to pick up my first pressurized growler or 64oz - 128oz oz small keg. I’m curious about everyone’s experience with any of the all-in-one kits with smaller regulators, or piecemeal results. It is important that it is adaptable to standard-sized fittings, and fits in a standard refrigerator or 48-quart cooler. I’m using it for seltzer, occasional sodas, carbonating the occasional fruit wine, and occasionally taking beer to my in-laws.

Thanks for your feedback…in the interim, I’m carefully using a coke bottle and a Kegland serving Tee

What do you mean “standard fittings” here? You want to use an external co2 tank rather than a self-contained?
Want to plumb it to a tap fixture separately?

Ignoring those items I had great success with the Growlerwerx units. Only got rid of mine since the usual growler spot I had it filled at stopped doing fills to replace it with a wine station (and I don’t take the time to go fill at a brewery)

@hon1nbo I want to use external CO2.

By “regular fittings” I mean not proprietary. I want to be able to adapt it to either my 5# tank, a SodaStream bottle, threaded cartridges, or standard keg ball locks depending on my desired use case at that moment.

so basically everything; in the end you just need a minikeg from the sounds of it rather than a pressurized growler (things like growlerwerx and competing brands are typically set to use the standard disposable co2 seltzer chargers). Whilst not proprietary, it would be difficult to adapt that style of inlet to fit an external tank without some machining of a custom adapter.

I could go mini keg with standard ball locks, or a mini-keg growler with a ball lock top. But I’m hoping someone has experience with some before I purchase. It’s going to cost about $200 for the keg/growler, regulator and fittings, so I’m hoping to reduce a bit of my experimentation and upfront R&D costs…

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After a decade or so of experience with this question, I would not bother with pressurized growlers- they are a pain. I have even less patience for the little CO2 cartridges. A 20 oz paintball tank will make your life so much easier.

The above plus a couple of connectors and a picnic tap is your best bet. I have had little success with actual taps mounted directly on the keg.

I keep a couple of the mini kegs above in my fridge for seltzer, rotating them so that one can carbonate while I dispense the other.



Thank you.