Power Supply Dealers or Reccomendation

I know we have members that sell power units or have them lying around. Between my burgeoning interest in electronics and electroforming/etching I feel like its time to get an adjustable power supply for my house. The information in the handout I got on forming and etching mentioned…

HY1803D Variable Linear Single-Output DC Power Supply, 0-18V @ 0-3A.

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Don’t know which HY1803D they were recommending. I found prices ranging from $55-200 on Amazon, depending on Brand. The “1803” means 18 volts by 3 amps.

Here’s a more versatile one I found on Ali Express (direct ship from China).

0-30 Volts
0-10 Amps
High reviews (4.9, only 5 and 4 star) on over 1,200 reviews.

Currently (no pun intended) on sale 50% off. About $50 after paying non-trivial shipping from China. Delivery may take up to a month.

I’d recommend upgrading the leads if you plan to use it at a higher wattage (VxA) range. Comments on this model mentioned non-trivial internal resistance (0.9 ohm) in the leads.

This TekPower version on Amazon is comparable in price to the Ali Express one, albeit less capable. $55 and Prime shipping. Popular and good reviews (4.4 overall 70% 5 star). Less risk with Amazon and free returns.

In contrast, the Mastek HY1803D will run about $200 on Amazon. Not great reviews (esp. WRT longevity). Reviews imply possible Quality Control issues (either got a 5 or a 1). Contrast with TekPower reviews (steady drop-off from 5 down to 1).

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They didn’t suggest a particular one, which was odd just said make sure it had that model number. I don’t even know why frankly.

Is it possible to run more than one lead off any of those? Trying to figure if it’s better to plan on getting more than one since price seems to go up substantially with the extra leads. I looked at FB marketplace and Craigslist. Surprisingly thin pickings on used ones.

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It all comes down to total wattage (Volts X Amps): I’d recommend not running them at more than perhaps 70% of rated total wattage for any length of time - manufacturers tend to overstate the capabilities of real-world usage.


@artg_dms @Raymond @richmeyer @Team_Electronics You all tend to keep up with the surplus market. Any suggestions?

@MrsMoose - You would be welcome to use mine for a month. I will bring it Thursday night. It is a HY 1803D. This will give you some time to wait out a bargain.

I’ll check with some ham radio buddies that might be able to help. We should be able to find someone who will help a Creative Arts public school teacher who is getting into electronics and microcontrollers.

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Your post reminded me that I’ve been wanting to get one. I bought Walter’s o’scope, a Rigol DS1052E, a while back and while I have various “home made” power supplies, I’ve been wanting a more regulated one.

I just bought this one 30v @ 5a:

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I have the ideal power supply for you. I have a Sorensen HPD 30-10, which is an adjustable DC Power Supply from 0 to 30 Volts, and current up to 10 Amps. It is in used but operational condition.

If this is for your school I would consider this a donation towards the cause. I’ll bring it in Thursday for you to look at. Ebay sells this model for around $400 in used condition. Sorensen is a very good American made brand name in Power Supplies.