Powder Coating trial #1 - some learning experiences


These are .40 S&W cast projectiles I made at home - Powder coating of these was similarly done at home -
castings are from a NOE .402-160 3 cavity mold in salvaged lead
Powder coat media is harbor freight red and yellow
Oven is a used countertop toaster oven

Lesson #1 - HF red and HF yellow mixed together do NOT effectively make orange. - For some strange reason, yellow appears to coat the rounds first, then red clumped onto that - it’s not an even coat, sadly.

Lesson #2 - powder coat makes an EXCELLENT adhesive between lead and aluminum foil.

In future, I’ll try just one of the media - no more blending.
And I need to find a piece of aluminum wire screen to place between the foil and the powdered castings to prevent adhesion.


as a note, the HF powders are made from PVC. When fired it may act corrosive to your barrels.

The powders we use in metal are Polystyrene based and I don’t know how they would react.