Powder coating training?


Hey just curious if there’s a class needed for the powder coating gun and oven or if there’s a online training. I’m not seeing anything on the schedule.


Only the large oven requires training. I don’t have a full powder coating class on the schedule at the moment due to upcoming travel, but the large oven is about a 5 minute spot train. The powder coating gun itself nor the small oven do not require training.



Are there rules on where we can use the powder coating gun, outside, in the shop area or in the metal workshop?


NFPA treats powder coating like volatile spraying, so outside spraying. There is a ground rod sunk on the north side of 104 that helps.


Ok so for the oven do I need to be trained by someone specifically or anyone that has the training already


Did anyone answer this?


I made an item to the team to talk about this internally.

Right now there is not an official list of people qualified to train it, but there are some I feel are more than capable. I never got answers from some of them.

@tomthm was the PDF ever finished? If it is then I’d be fine with anyone who has taken the class teaching it as long as they bring a copy of it.



Yes. Will send later today. This evening, late.


Would it be easier to do an online qr code training similar to the grinders?


This one is a bit of another type of issue, and unfortunately one that could pose a larger danger. With the grinders your most liable to hurt the tool or yourself, with the oven you can hurt others as well.

We’re considering other things we can automate training with, but honestly given what I’ve seen the membership do, I wouldn’t want to with this oven. Whilst the oven doesn’t require the full hot processes safety class, it should still be driven home pretty heavily.

Part of the training covers Tag Out / Lock Out (TOLO). WHen I cleaned out the old scrap bin I found no less than 4 cut TOLO locks. That’s generally unacceptable, and unless they were cut by the person who installed them extremely dangerous. Given that when I once tagged out a sander that had an electrical fault, someone removed the tape from the plug, ran it, and it caught fire I want to drive home that I will not tolerate bypassing TOLO under any circumstance other than prior committee inspection to void a TOLO.

This is among the things that I wish I didn’t have to go into so much detail on, alas that list grows.



When’s our December committee meeting? Don’t see it on the schedule but want to attend. I’m going to need to do a powdercoating training soon anyway for a couple projects I have in mind. Thx.


December 15th. I just saw it yesterday when @uglyknees posted the meetings.


Thanks Tim. Didn’t see it on the events calendar for metal shop, but now I see it’s there. Duh.

And of course my daughter has a basketball game at that exact same time…


I got the meeting up the other day and it just hit the calendar. I’ve been on another part of the world for the past couple weeks

I’m going to throw up a couple powder coating trainings as well over the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes out.



Hi there, I just joined up to DMS and had the same question about powdercoating. Would love a class, or demo, but didn’t see anything on the calendar. I’ll probably buy my own gun and powder in the meantime, and just use the oven if that’s alright.


The oven is actually the part that requires training. It’s a 5 minute spot train that most of the metal committee can teach. The powder coating gun we have, an Eastwood dual voltage, doesn’t require training in and of itself.

Basic rules:

  • gun must be cleaned properly (dry only)
  • if you use our powder it is $1.25/oz, payable at the self serve by the metal shop door.

You can watch the eastwood youtube videos on how to use the gun, or wait for the next class. I don’t know when I’ll get one on the schedule yet.



Where is the gun located? I know it exists, but I’ve never actually seen it.


It’s on the black wire shelving to the left of the oven. Third shelf I think, in a cardboard box (the one it came in, it’s got the product label on it still).

It’s an Eastwood Dual Voltage.



Gracias señor!