Powder Coating Question

2 part question…

  1. Is the powder coating setup and ready to be used? (i.e is is working)
  2. If so, is there anyone willing to accept payment to powder coat some items for me in the near future?

Figured this is worth a shot since I haven’t seen any classes. Although getting trained on anything in timely manner there is a miracle anyways. thanks.

All the equipment is functional and I’m not aware of any issues with any of it as of late

I do odd jobs from time to time, and I’m sure there are other members willing to as well.

Only the large oven requires training (the small bench top one does not), and that’s a 5 minute spot train; grab any of the committee members, instructors, or those who have taken the training before. The class was more of a “how to” for people who have never done it before. I haven’t had time to teach it as of late.

Additionally, we offer classes based on demand. If no one asks, we often don’t throw them up. In metal in particular, we also train members on whatever they ask if they show up to a committee meeting and participate.