Powder Coating Oven - Locked?

I was at DMS a few weeks ago and the powder coating oven was padlocked at the disconnect. Is the oven operational and avalible for use? I need to come in and do a second coat on a part I started several weeks ago.


paging @Team_Metal_Shop

The large oven is training required. I’ll be in tomorrow evening to actually shoot instructional video for the oven and a few other things. I can spot train you a little before 8pm if you’re around; would take us about 10 minutes.

Note, you will not be able to use the oven immediately afterward, as we have to film our stuff in the shop. However you could also meet me towards the tail end and I could train you then. I’m currently estimating we’ll be done at 11pm.



Do you mind if I stop by too? I want to get a refresher on the oven. I already took the powder coating class and am signed off, but want a refresher so I can powder coat some stuff. I don’t need to use it tomorrow, but want to be ready.

I’m going to jump in and answer – Jim’s a good guy, and he’s really dedicated to helping folks. I’m betting he’ll let you come by and watch.


I’ve done the training… you and I did it about 6 or 7 weeks ago (maybe longer) - went though the lock in / lock out, and I used it on one project and now need to do some more work.

Also, is there any potential that if one of us can donate a residential electric oven that we could have a smaller oven that could be used for small jobs? The large oven is great, but seems like overkill for small work.

Ah, you were in that group. I’ll PM you the code in a moment.

for the record there is a small oven in the room that does not require training. It’s under the work table with the fire cabinet. I usually recommend people set it up on the second welding table just so you don’t have to worry about heat and surrounding objects.

Good to know, I’ll look at it and see if my part will fit.